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Assignment Overview

Overview of assignment

This guide contains links to digital resources for the "History in My Lifetime" paper for Mr. Simons' class. 

Remember you are writing an Informational paper of 3-5 pages, MLA format, that requires at least 3 sources (non-textbook, non-encyclopedic) cited and used.

It should answer the essential question "WHY is my event/topic/subject important" with a thesis.  In addition it should answer the questions: "WHAT is the topic/subject/event?", "WHAT are the main events that took place related to your subject?", and "WHO were the main people involved with your subject?"

Link to assignment

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(The following is a list of topics you may want to consider. These by no means exhaust the possibilities. Feel free to choose any topic of your choice from the required time period. )

The Clinton Presidency

The Clinton impeachment

Economic prosperity of the 90’s

The .com boom and bust

U.S. role in the Balkans War

The U.S.S. Cole attack

The Oklahoma City bombing

U.S. anti-terrorism actions

The Columbine high school shootings (there are, unfortunately, a number of other shootings you could also research)

O.J. Simpson case and controversy

The 9/11 attacks

The War in Afghanistan overall, or various aspects of it

The War in Iraq overall, or various aspects of it

The Election of 2000: Bush vs. Gore

The George W. Bush Presidency

Hurricane Katrina and related events

The Great Recession & related topics

The Election of 2008: Obama vs. McCain

Obama economic policies, re. the Great Recession: the auto bailout, stimulus package, etc.

The Killing of Osama bin Laden

The Election of 2012: Obama vs. Romney

The impact of Citizens United on the U.S. political system

The Election of 2016: Trump vs. Clinton (this is obviously really recent, but there is enough written about    it so that you could write a paper about it.

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