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Faculty & Staff Summer Opportunities: Course: 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

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Sign up for Challenge Emails
You can participate in the challenge via a daily email by registering here. 

Program Format

A daily email will be sent with resources that invite you to learn, pray, and act on a particular racial justice topic. In the learn section, the STARTING OUT resource is intended for people newer to the work of anti-racism. The GOING DEEPER resource is intended for people who have a solid foundation in anti-racism. However, feel free to explore all of the content as time allows. 

While you will receive approximately 5 resources daily, it is not expected that you read or do everything in the email. Explore the resources, and pick 1 or 2 items that you believe will best help you to engage with the topic for the day. 

An additional “For White People” section will be included in most emails. As people who benefit from and perpetuate racist systems in our society, intentionally or unintentionally, white people need to engage in specific work around anti-racism. 

Walk with the Jesuit and broader Catholic network as we learn, pray, and take action for racial equity. 

For 21 days, we challenge you to enter into the complex work of understanding the realities of racial injustice  and  anti-Blackness in the U.S. The Ignatian Racial Equity Challenge is designed for all participants, regardless of race, ethnicity, prior anti-racism work, age or background and will include opportunities to learn, pray, and act on different themes of racial equity. Additional specific resources will be provided  for white people, who benefit from and perpetuate racist systems in our society, both intentionally and unintentionally. 

Thank you for walking this journey with an open mind and heart.

Why This challenge?

St. Ignatius and the Jesuits lived by the motto “for the greater glory of God” and were willing to travel as needed to respond to the needs of the Church. The need for racial justice work in the lives of individuals and the Church is clear and that the work of anti-racism is indeed “For the Greater Glory of God.” ISN hopes that the challenge will provide a way for people to begin or continue the process of anti-racism in their lives and communities by exploring racial equity in light of our faith and Ignatian Spirituality. 

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr. and Debby Irving are credited as the original creators of the 21-Day Challenge format, and the challenge has been adapted by many organizations across the country, including the YWCA of Cleveland, which inspired ISN’s version of the challenge. 

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