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We are so proud of our chess community at JHS.  Whether you're an expert player who competes for Jesuit on the Chess Team, or a novice just learning the rules, you are welcome to join us!  We have fun together!



Criteria for selection to the competitive JHS chess team

Team Selection Criteria (as defined in the first Chess Club meeting of 2022-23)

Updates about the team selection process:


On February 1st, 2023, we will look at the following list on the United States Chess Federation database to determine team selection:


1st Note: To be considered for the team, please make sure to regularly attend club meetings. It is important that all members of the competitive team are regular members of the Jesuit High School Chess Club. Regular attendance is especially needed the month or two prior to the state championship tournament (which is usually in March). If you have some conflict, please make sure to let us know in advance.


2nd Note: In order to improve your rating to get on the team, please make sure to complete all your tournaments by January 18th, 2023, because that is when the USCF will update the ratings. 


On the USCF website, they say that “the ratings shown on this page are official published ratings, which US Chess issues 12 times a year. As of September 1, 2013, official ratings lists are generated on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and become official on the 1st day of the next month.”

We will go by the official rating list that is available on February 1st, 2023. So, it is important to get all your games in by the third Wednesday of January (which is January 18th, 2022).


3rd Note: If you do not yet have a USCF Rating (or you need to improve your USCF Rating), you will have 2-3 months time to improve your USCF Rating before we select our final team. As mentioned, there will be plenty of opportunities coming up for everyone in our chess club to improve their USCF Rating. If you are interested, contact us and we will help you with this!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to be checking your email for updates, especially if you want to be on the team. That is the primary form of communication.

Chess at JHS!



Chess Leadership Team


  • Connor Jenson
  • Anirudh Jagannathan
  • Vladie Mamchik
  • Roshen Nair
  • Nesara Shree
  • Harry Zhou


Mr Kato and Mr Kelley are the faculty advisors. 


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