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World Languages General Subject LibGuide: Multimedia


The World in Words From PRI -- The World in Words is a podcast about languages and the people who speak them.

Talk in French Podcast  -- Topics include French culture, language, and everything about France.

Spanish Obsessed -- Produces podcasts for all levels of Spanish knowledge

Español Podcast -- Podcast in Spanish for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners!

News in Slow Spanish -- A great resource for intermediate and advanced learners! 

Slow Chinese -- Being a tonal language, Slow Chinese is great for beginner to intermediate learners of Chinese.

CSL Pod -- Podcasts in Chinese for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

Chinese Pod -- Website for Chinese language learning, which combines audio lesson podcasts, web & mobile study tools and integrated, live speaking practice with teachers.

Free and Legal Image Sources


Foreign Language Digital Videos

OPB Online Film Festival 2018: Caracol Cruzando

French in Action, Annenberg Learner

NY Times Travel Newsfeed

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