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Google Search 101: Google Search Strategies

A guide to getting the most out of your Google searches.

Getting Started

Did you know...

  • that Google automatically looks for all of the words in your search?  If you want more results (or you're just really hungry) try using OR instead (biscuits OR gravy instead of biscuits and gravy).
  • that you can remove certain terms from your search by using the minus sign?  Try 
    biscuits -gravy
     if you have no interest in gravy.  
  • that you can search for an exact phrase by using quotation marks?  Try 
    "I love biscuits and gravy" if you don't want results from comfort food naysayers.  
  • that you can limit your search to a certain type of site, like a .edu or .gov?  Try 
    site:edu biscuits and gravy
     and get a surprising number of results!  
  • that you can use an asterisk as a wildcard?  Try * and gravy and find out what other foods might join biscuits in the gravy accompaniment pantheon.  

Google Basics

Up Your Google Game

Google Search Tips

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