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A note on definitions

In addition to "church," the following terms will be good to know in your research:

1. Ecclesiology - the study of church

2. Synodality - a specifically Catholic term describing the process of discerning God's movement among the laity (regular church members who do not hold an office) and collaborating to define that movement.

Step 1: What is the Church?

Step 2: Issues Facing the Church

Step 3: Perspectives from Theologians

The following are all academic articles. Many of them can be dense when it comes to reading. However, they offer valuable insight. It might help to enter their contents into an AI tool and ask it to put the contents in an 11th grade reading level for you and/or to summarize the article. However, when you quote or cite, you should find the relevant section of the actual article to do so.

It is also important that you place opposing views in dialogue with each other within your paper. To find different perspectives on a topic OR if you don't see your topic listed, use the below databases to find scholarly sources. Reach out to the CLARC if you encounter any issues accessing resources.

Off-campus Database Access

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