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AP Language Mascots: Websites

Articles from the web on the Crusader mascot

Google Scholar

As a supplement to a regular Google search, Google also indexes scholarly sources on a website Google Scholar. Some articles here are public. Others you can access using Jesuit login/password. Others you'll have to pay to access (don't do this -- email the info to one of us and we'll try to get the article for you).

Google Scholar is like Academic Search Complete. My suggestion is to use it to complement to all the other tools (Opposing Viewpoints, SIRS Knowledge Source, or Explora).

The interface is a little different than those other databases yet the same search principles apply. Begin with a short keyword search, use date / subject limiters, and always archive permalinks to content. Be aware that Google Scholar often links to abstracts which are not easily available to us.

Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Search - Information on educational and governmental websites tend to have more reliable information.  In the advance search, along with your search terms, enter .edu or .gov in the box labeled "Search within a site or domain:".

Many of the best sites to use are those from international (.int), education (.edu), government (.gov), and private organizations & foundations (.org). To easily search for sites from these entities, use the "site:" search to limit your results.

Sample Search Statements

  • "gender roles" -site:com

  • Media AND gender site:gov

  • Society AND gender AND traditional

Changing the Mascot Coalitions

  Change the Mascot is a national campaign to end the use of the racial slur “r*dskins” as the mascot and name of the NFL team in Washington, D.C.

  IllumiNative is a new nonprofit initiative designed to increase the visibility of – and challenge the negative narrative about – Native Nations and peoples in American society.

 The National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media (NCARSM) will educate and when necessary confront the individual, institutional and governmental influences that propagate racism in sports and media.

  Native American Mascot Recommendations and Resources Akomawt Educational Initiative is dedicated to furthering knowledge of Native America


  No More Native Mascots seek to confront the colonization of the identities as Indigenous people.

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