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Español III Sem1 Proyecto Final -Jordan/Shelburne: Home

Assignment Overview

Each student will research a topic, write a research paper and give an oral presentation (PowerPoint/ Keynote/ Google) to a small group of students (approximately 5) and Srta. Jordan/Shelburne, in a conference room in the library the week of January 9 – 13. 

Featured Source

Library Information


Beginning August, 2022, please welcome
Mr. Dan Kelley
as our new Jesuit HS  librarian

The library will be closed for the summer. 

Any books you still have out
should be returned in August.

Should you need something else,
kindly call the school office. 


The Clark Library is a haven for quiet study, research, and personal reading

There is 
no eating or drinking 

allowed in the library. 

Water is allowed.

Borrowing Books & other material:

  • Students may have 10 items checked out at a time.
  • Your ID card serves as your library card to check out materials
  • If you use any books that you do not intend to check out, put them on the Return Books cart when you are finished.


Students who have overdue items will:

  • Receive an overdue locker notice on Monday.
  • Have an email sent to their parents on Thursday.
  • Receive a JUG the following Monday if they still have not renewed or returned their material, and begin accruing fines of $1.00 per day per item. Overdue fines collected will be given to the Arrupe Fund.

Students who lose or damage library material must pay for the replacement of material.


Students may use computers to enhance their learning. Please limit gaming to home time.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

If you want to cite an Internet source for any paper in any class at Jesuit, follow theInternet Acceptable Use Policy

Technology Policy

As a Catholic, college-preparatory school, Jesuit High School recognizes the need to educate young men and women to use technology ethically and effectively and follow the Technology Policy.

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