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Summer Reading 2021: AP English III Language


All English III AP Language students will need to read the following fifteen essays from 50 Essays (feel free to read others that sound interesting as well). See letter from Mr. Falkner and Mr. Villareal for more details.

Sandra Cisneros “Only Daughter”
Langston Hughes “Salvation”

• E.B. White “Once More to the Lake”
• Eli Claire “Clearcut: Explaining the Distance”
• Walt Whitman “Slang in America”
• Thomas Jefferson “The Declaration of Independence”
Process Analysis:
• Stephen King “Reading to Write”
• Frederick Douglas “Learning to Read and Write”
• Amy Tan “Mother Tongue”
• Stephanie Ericsson “The Ways We Lie”
• Bharati Mukherjee “Two Ways to Belong in America”
• Ta-Nehisi Coates “The Paranoid Style of American Policing”
• Malcom Gladwell “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted”
• Henry David Thoreau “Civil Disobedience”
• Ai Weiwei “The Refugee Crisis Isn’t About Refugees: It’s About Us”


Books you May Have Read That Are Similar

If you enjoy this title, you might want to try one of these as well:

  • The Little Norton Reader: 50 Essays from the First 50 Years
  • They can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us
  • Beyond Measure



Book Summary - 50 Essay: A portable anthology

50 Essays: A Portable Anthology : The book’s carefully chosen selections engage students and include both classic essays and high-interest, contemporary readings. The editorial apparatus is flexible and unobtrusive enough to support a variety of approaches to teaching composition. The sixth edition features new voices on culturally relevant topics as well as sentence guides that help students develop an academic writing voice with templates for a variety of composing situations.

Author Bio

Samuel Cohen is associate professor and director of graduate studies in the University of Missouri’s Department of English and President of the Midwest Modern Language Association. He is author of the Choice Outstanding Academic selection After the End of History: American Fiction in the 1990s (Iowa, 2009), co-editor (with Lee Konstantinou) of The Legacy of David Foster Wallace (Iowa, 2012), and series editor of The New American Canon: The Iowa Series in Contemporary Literature and Culture. He is also author of two textbooks, 50 Essays: A Portable Anthology and Literature: The Human Experience (with Richard Abcarian and Marvin Klotz). He is currently at work on a book project, “What Comes Next: Recent American Fiction and the Question of Canon Formation.” 

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