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Catholicism in the Movies: Databases / Reference

Recommended Library Databases

When conducting your research, give yourself enough time to try multiple databases -- each has different content and features to offer you.

If you search inside JHS-only databases from off-campus, you will need the passwords which can be found on the last page of your JHS planner. You can also find the passwords by emailing (from your J-mail account) or by logging in to the JHS portal here.


Link to all Jesuit HS databases

Looking for the full list of JHS databases? Click HERE

Featured Articles from a database

In-depth review of the book Film as Religion: Myths, Morals, and Rituals by John C. Lyden from JStor

The Costumed Catholic: Catholics, Whiteness, and the Movies, 1928 - 1973 This examines the impact movies had on the place of Catholics of European descent in mainstream white America.

"Film and Religion." Encyclopedia of  Religion While the academic study of "film and religion" as a subfield within religious studies has only come of age since the late 1980s the connection between film and religion is as old as film itself...


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