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Assignment Overview

Overview of assignment

Today we are surrounded by media: magazines, billboards, television, books, the internet, and the list could go on.  The media has a lot more power than we often realize in shaping both society’s and our own personal perceptions.  The images, words & ideas (both verbal and nonverbal) that are portrayed by media ultimately help to shape how we view ourselves and others in society.  We have been exploring the historical occurrences of how the media helped to shape America’s response to Catholics in Antebellum America and how eventually media helped to shape the change in Catholic perception in the US.  In this project we are going to continue to explore how Catholics are portrayed by specifically looking at the American movie industry. 

You will be assigned a specific film to watch and analyze.  You will research the context in which the film was created (its historical location).  Ultimately this project is asking you to analyze your film to find the underlining messages about Catholicism. Your research and analysis will culminate with your sharing your findings with the class and an eventual synthesis paper based on the information discovered from your classmates’ work.

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